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Finance Calculator
Considering a Loan or Lease on a car? Compare your options!

Use our calculators to estimate your monthly payments, whether you want a lease or a loan. Have a monthly budget in mind already? Use our loan calculator to find out what you can spend on the car of your dreams.

Using our calculator is quick and easy. Here are some simple steps to follow:

  1. Do your research. Get some information. What are the tax rates in your province/state? What is the interest rate of the car you’re interested in?
  2. Look at your needs and budget. How much are you willing to give as a down payment? Are you trading in your old car? Find out its approximate value, also known as the net trade difference. If you’re considering leasing, pick the term you want to lease, and research and estimate the value of the car after that period, also known as the residual value.
  3. For the Loan Calculator, decided what you want to calculate: a monthly/bi-weekly payment, or do you have a monthly budget on payments you can afford? Select your option from the calculate box. For the Lease Calculator you can only calculate a payment plan.
  4. Enter in all other information that you have, even if it’s not required. This will give you the best estimate of price/payments.
  5. Click “calculate” and an answer will be provided for you.

To view Consumer Auto Digest's finance calculators, click below:
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