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Car Rental

Car Driving Tip of the Month
(September 2020)

Planning your errands and activities in advance will increase your car’s fuel efficiency and save you some cash. Fuse your errands into one trip, and try to combine it with an activity. Stop at the grocery store on the way home from work. Pick-up the dry cleaning before you head to yoga class.

Taking short trips back and forth not only puts extra stress on your car, with the current high gas prices, it also puts stress on your wallet. Extra trips can use up to twice as much fuel than a longer integrated trip covering the same distance. Not only that, but planning your trip ahead of time allows you to pick shorter rotes and ones that avoid gridlock, and wasteful idle time.

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1982 Delorean in 'Back to the Future'
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The Batmobile in 'Batman'
VW Beetle in 'Herbie'

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Car rental companies in Canada, seperated by region in Ontario, and Canada-wide numbers are also given. Sorted alphabetically by region and nationally.

Alamo - Toronto
65 Front Street West
Toronto, On
M4W 3C9
Phone: 416 364-6748
Avis - Toronto
3302 Dufferin, Unit 2
Toronto, On
M4W 3C9
Phone: 416 256-9060
Dollar - Toronto
1108 Bay Street
Toronto, On
M5S 2W9
Phone: 416 515-8800
Hertz - Toronto
374 Dupont Street
Toronto, On
M4W 3C9
Phone:416 961-7500
National - Toronto
5000 Sheppard Ave East
Toronto, On
M1S 4L9
Phone: 416 291-5214

Avis - Windsor
3050 Howard Ave
Windsor, On
N8X 3Y7
Phone: 519 250-5045
Hertz - Windsor
1014 Tecumseh Road
Windsor, On
Phone: 519 972-9292
National - Windsor
2545 Howard Ave
Windsor, On
Phone: 519 966-2210
Thrifty - Windsor
336 Walker Road
Windsor, On
N8W 3S1
Phone: 519 250-7272

Alamo - Ottawa
228 Queen Street
Ottawa, On
K1T 5E4
Phone: 613 233-7332
Avis - Ottawa
449 Gladstone Ave
Ottawa, On
K1R 5N7
Phone: 613 238-3421
Dollar - Ottawa
320 Catherine Street
Ottawa, On
K1R 5T3
Phone: 613 238-8000
National - Ottawa
1733 St Laurent Blvd
Ottawa On
K1G 3V4
Phone: 613 526-4747
Thrifty - Ottawa
161 Laurier Avenue West
Ottawa, On
K1P 5J2
Phone: 613 233-8194

Alamo - Hamilton
311 Glasgow Road
Hamilton, On
Burnbank ML3 0RA
Phone: 169 882-8281
Avis - Hamilton
2 King St. W Promenade Level
Hamilton, On
L9P 1A1
Phone: 905 522-3727
Hertz - Hamilton
360 Main Street East
Hamilton, On
L8N 1J5
Phone: 905 525 1122
National - Hamilton
776 Burlington St.
Hamilton, On
L9B 1B9
Phone: 905 318-4523

Phone: 1-800 462-5266
Phone: 1-800-331-1212
Phone: 1-800-268-8900
Phone: 1-877-742-8787
Phone: 1-800-263-0600
Phone: 1-800-227-7368
Phone: 1-800-847-4389
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